A Pretoria Spring: My Lips Hurt Real Bad.

The morning air here is delicious, if lip-chapping-ly dry.  It’s beautiful.  Monday, I made my first trip to Kalafong Hospital where the wards are made up of a series of separate buildings, so that you are always walking outside under a shade of some covered walkway or tree.  Right now, it is quite a pleasant to work.

So, news!  I have a car!  It was a mix of fun and frustration dealing with the droves of car dealers.  Used car salesmen, it seems, have the same reputation here as they have in the states.  They lived up to their name.  Anyway, I walked away with a 2000 white VW Chico.  I think she will do the trick on Pretoria’s mountain with minimal pushing.  Perhaps I will name her Chica.  Chica the Chico?!  Ah, that would be one gender-confused car.  The Norwegians want to name it Snowflake, but that has already been vetoed by one level-headed American.  Besides, a beastly machine like the Chico cannot be called Snowflake.  (Pictures to come soon)  So, leave your suggestion for the name of my car in the comment box!

In other news, the jetlag is slowly wearing off.  My Norwegian dorm-mates cannot get enough of lying in the sun (go figure).  It turns out that I did, in fact, learn something during my OB/GYN rotation.  My bags only got delayed one day on British Airways.  And, the Springboks play this weekend and USA Rugby plays next week sometime.  I think this is the USA’s year in rugby!  (I’m from Boston; we’re used to vain hopes.)

Don’t forget to suggest a car name in the comment box below!


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  1. Jessica

    I named my first car after the place I first got into an accident (Sonic)! I hope you do not have to resort to this naming method.


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