NYC Part One: The Spirit of Zingerman’s

Block M on the menu, spelling “Michigan Sandwiches!”  Maize and Blue in the heart of Chelsea!  UMich is taking over!  (And with a new football coach and one of their better recruiting classes, they may actually win a few games this season…)

This is Grey Dog, at 242 W 16th Street, in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.  On top of the typical (albeit strange) accoutrements of a largely gay neighborhood, Chelsea has beautiful brownstone buildings and seriously good food.  This place surprised me, most of all by the Block M on their menu.  I asked the girl at the counter “What the –?”  I was told that one of the owners was trying to emulate Zingerman’s.  If you don’t know, Zingerman’s is the best deli in the world, ever.  It is located in Ann Arbor, MI, not far from the University of Michigan campus.  So, the UMich connection to Manhattan is obvious, right?

I met old friends Trevor and Erica and Erica’s med student boy toy (we should all be so lucky!), Craig, for lunch. It didn’t quite live up for my Zingerman’s memories, but it was a pleasant surprise.  Especially since my family bleeds Maize and Blue!


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