Sailing, Take Two

I recently joined Tom Vander Salm, his crew Peter and a friend of Dr. Tom’s for a Sunday sail. It was a gorgeous day, with plenty of sun and wind. We hit one squall during which we were happily moored, eating lunch below deck. We also enjoyed a good laugh over the Sunday-afternoon-in-August comedy of errors that keeps the Coast Guard busy with inexperienced, cocky boaters.

This is the link to Tom Vander Salm’s blog, which has footage of Whisper sailing taken by his kite-camera. It was taken during our return from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Unfortunately, on its most recent voyage, Whisper’s kite hit the water and tore off the line. So, the camera, along with some spectacular footage, is somewhere on the bottom of the Atlantic. (It’s probably within a 50-mile radius of Marblehead, so if you felt inclined to go find it, Dr. Tom would be very appreciative!)

Stay tuned for tales from NYC and A Tour of the Promised Land: Hiking in New England!

Happy sails!


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